Sunday, July 3, 2011

No, not baby anymore...

M turned 2 years old last month.  It's left me in such a nostalgic and bittersweet state of mind.  He is such a little boy now, and I love watching him continue to learn and grow.  At the same time, there's no denying that the little baby he was is gone.

For his first and second birthdays, I took him to have his pictures done professionally.  Looking at the shots from last year, compared to this year totally tripped me out.  There was the same gorgeous face, but at the same time he looks so different.

I'd always thought that people who have their children in rapid succession were crazy, or at least slightly masochistic.  I am starting to understand it more.  While you love watching your baby progress into toddlerhood, it's somewhat sad to realize just how quickly they grow up.

That's not to say I am considering another addition to our family just yet.  I don't sleep enough as it is.  But I'd be lying if I said the thought doesn't cross my mind more frequently now.  Usually it's just a fleeting flight of fancy, spurred on by seeing a mother with an infant at the grocery store, or getting an invite to a cousin's baby shower in the mail.

More than anything, I think of my relationships with both of my brothers and realize that I want the same for M.  I want him to have someone that shares his childhood, who can become his friend in adulthood. 

No, it may not be time yet for M to stop being my "baby" but I do look forward to what the future will bring.

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