Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Smit List, the Second

Ok, I know I haven't updated in a while. I've been working 50+ hours a week lately, and I've spent the free time I have with M. I know, it's selfish of me. I should be writing about M for you all. Forgive me interwebs?

I have been thinking about this blog for some time, and wanting to update for this very reason.

The second item on my Smit List is Maurice Sendak.

I recently read an article on CNN.com where Mr. Sendak was interviewed about the movie version of "Where The Wild Things Are". When asked what he would say to the parents who felt the movie was too scary, Mr. Sendak replied, "I'd tell them to go to hell."

My gut reaction was total endearment. I suppose that's the artist in me, loving the defense of the arts. He rationalized that life IS scary, and we're not doing our children any favors by shielding them from it.

I think what I appreciated most about this was putting the responsibility back on the parents. The movie is rated PG. Perhaps that should have been a clue that it may not be appropriate for your 4 year old. M is only 5 months old, but when the time comes for him to watch television shows or movies, you can be sure that I'll be screening them first. I'm his mother. That's my JOB.

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  1. Your son is precious! I love the idea of writing a blog with your mom!