Monday, November 16, 2009

Smit List #3

Submitted for the approval of the Midnight Society...Smit List #3!

So, a little bit of background before we get to the juicy meaty center of this blog sandwich...I am not an overly social person. I'm certainly not anti-social; I've just always been the type of person who has a smaller tight knit group of friends. This used to work well for me. (Did you pick up on the keyword in that sentence?)

Now, I have a few good friends at work that I don't see in a social capacity. I have a few good friends outside of work that I see sometimes, depending on the demands of life.

That being the case, when an opportunity to meet like minded individuals presents itself, I jump. The newest entry to the Smit List is the brand spankin' new Dooce Community.

Heather and Jon, the witty wizards behind blurbodoocery, have created a new community site for Heather's readers to get to know each other better. The questions and conversations happening over there are funny, thought provoking, and genuinely interesting.

It's just a hair less addictive than crack. Allegedly.

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