Sunday, October 18, 2009

Blog Action Day - Climate Change

While we all need to be personally conscientious regarding our carbon footprint , we should also encourage the businesses we work for and with to do the same. I was pleased to see the Fortune 500 company I work for doing their part via recycling, including a strong alliance with the RBRC's Call2Recycle efforts. The RBRC provides a way for you to recycle your rechargeable batteries and cell phones easily. Please see the link, if you want more information.

For years, companies and individuals continued to carelessly pollute the air, water, and soil primarily out of ignorance. As a result of the uneducated indifference by most of the residents of the U.S. and world, we are now living with the results of ours and previous generations behaviors and actions. We cannot go back in time and undo what was done then, but we can each make a contribution now.

This is one area in which we cannot pass the responsibility to others. We must all play a role in doing what we can to minimize the negative impact on our planet and encourage and educate others around us to do the same. It has been a tradition belief among Americans to make it just a bit better for the next generation. What can you do to make a difference?

As my favorite children's singer, Raffi, points out in his lyrics from "Evergreen, Everblue,"
Evergreen, everblue
At this point in time,
It's up to me, it's up to you

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